Drupal Views Module

Dated: 15-11-2019


Drupal Views Module


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1: Drupal views overview
·         Creating a view
·         Filtering a view
·         Exposing filters
·         Passing arguments to a view

2: Views and relationships
·         Displaying data from two nodes in one row (e.g. page title and authors date of birth)
·         Using relationships in filters

3: Analysing and Searching Data
·         Views Bonus Pack
·         Views Fast Search
·         View Calc

4: Dynamic Reports

·         Filtering date range

·         Charts

·         Summaries, sum, average, min, max, etc...

·         Calculated fields

·         Cross table reports

·         Exporting and importing views

·         Exporting a view

·         Importing a view

·         Hard coding a view in your module


5: Exporting views data
·         Exporting data to Microsoft Excel (CVS)
·         Exporting data to Microsoft Word document and other formats

Duration: 7 Hours | Cost: £20/Hr