Building Web Applications with Drupal 7, Views, CC

Dated: 15-11-2019


Building Web Applications with Drupal 7, Views, CCK and Panels


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1: What Drupal can and cannot do out of the box?
·         How to extend Drupal profiles
·         How to put a couple of pieces on a single page?
·         How to aggregate data

2: Adding extra fields to a node with CCK
·         Standard field types (Text, Number, Node and User Reference)
·         Widgets (Checkbox, Select List, Textfield)
·         Contributed CCK extension modules like email fields, date fields, etc....

3: Views
·         Creating simple views with Views UI module
·         Overriding views
·         Views type and available extensions
·         Dealing with relationships (nodereference and userreference fields)

4: Panels
·         Creating pages with multiple content
·         Panels basic options and definitions
·         Panels displays, panel pages, panel nodes
·         Mini panels
·         Panels arguments
·         Panels context
·         Creating Master/details pages
·         Making smart sites by adjusting them to user location, language, gender, age, etc...

Duration: 14 Hours | Cost: £20/Hr