Fundamentals of Joomla

Dated: 15-11-2019


This Course walks you through every essential skill you’ll need, including installation, administration, site and content organization, template development, content updates, and much more. Just click, watch, and learn the most efficient ways to build dynamic pages, provide intuitive navigation, work with modules and components, and even optimize Joomla! sites for search engines.


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1: An Introduction to Joomla! 

2: Downloading and Installing Joomla! 

3: Joomla! Administration Basics 

4: Organizing Your Content 

5: Menus and Navigation 

6: Extending Joomla! 

7: Expanding Your Content: Articles and Editors 

8: Getting Traffic to Your Site 

9: Creating a Pure CSS Template 

10: Creating a School Website 

11: Creating a Restaurant Website

12: Creating a Blog Website 

13: Creating a Membership Website

Duration: 15 Hours | Cost: £20/Hr