Microsoft Outlook

Dated: 06-08-2020


The training starts with the basics of what Outlook 2010 is, as Guy leads viewers through the configuration of email accounts, email organization options, and using the program's contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes features. The course even covers connecting to a Microsoft Exchange Server, which users working within a bigger business environment will especially find useful. By focusing on professional, real world challenges and tasks, the Outlook course helps you understand its role as a critical business


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1: Getting Started.
·         Working Files - Download These First Text.
·         The New Outlook 2010 Interface, Views And Ribbons
·         How to obtain your Certificate of Completion for this Infinite Skills course. Text
·         The New File Menu In Outlook 2010
·         What Will I Be Able To Do At The End Of This Course
·         Using the Files Included
·         Starting Outlook For The First Time
·         Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar
·         How Does Email Work? 

2:  The Basics Of Email
·         Creating And Sending An Email
·         Sending Emails To More Than One Recipient
·         Receiving And Reading Emails
·         Using Carbon Copy And Blind Carbon Copy
·         Recommendations For Setting The Subject
·         Spell Checking Your Message
·         Hyperlinks In Emails
·         Attaching A File To A Message - Part 1
·         Attaching A File To A Message - Part 2
·         Setting The Importance Level
·         Setting The Sensitivity Level
·         Deleting Emails
·         Selecting The Right Text Format For Emails
·         Using Signatures On Email Messages 

3: Managing Emails
·         The Inbox Folder
·         Email Status Icons - Part 1
·         Email Status Icons - Part 2
·         Reading An Email
·         Replying To The Sender Only Of An Email
·         Replying To The Sender And All Recipients Of An Email
·         Forwarding An Email To Someone Else
·         Opening, Previewing And/Or Saving Attached Files
·         Saving An Email As A Draft Copy
·         Resending An Email
·         Recalling An Email
·         Printing An Email
·         Controlling How You Are Notified When An Email Arrives
·         Sending Attachments As Zipped Files (Why And How)
·         Receiving And Handling Attachments Sent As Zipped Files

4: Setting Up Email Accounts

·         Adding A New Pop Mail Account
·         Adding A Hotmail Mail Account
·         Connecting To An Exchange Server Email Account
·         Removing An Email Account
·         Editing A Mail Accounts Settings
·         Setting The Frequency Of Checking For New Emails
·         Carrying Out A Manual Check For New Mail
·         Adding A Yahoo!Mail Email Account
·         Adding A Google Mail Email Account

5: Manipulating Text
·         Text Selection Methods
·         Copying And Pasting Text FROM An Email
·         Copying And Pasting Text INTO An Email
·         Deleting Text In An Email
·         Formatting Text Within An Outlook Email Message
·         Emoticons That Work In Outlook
·         Removing An Attached File From A Received Email 

6: Organizing Emails
·         Sorting The Contents Of The Inbox
·         Searching For An Email
·         Creating A New Mail Folder
·         Moving Emails Between Mail Folders
·         Deleting A Mail Folder
·         The Deleted Items Folder And Restoring Emails
·         Emptying The Deleted Items Folder Manually And Automatically
·         Flagging An Email Message
·         Removing A Flag From A Message
·         Adding Remainders To Flagged Emails
·         Marking Emails As Read Or Unread
·         Making Use Of The Favorites Bar

7: Junk Email
·         What Constitutes Junk
·         Editing The Junk Email Settings
·         Blocking A Sender
·         Unblocking A Blocked Sender

8: Contacts
·         What Are Contacts?
·         Creating A New Contact
·         Turning The Sender Of An Email Into A Contact
·         Addressing An Email To A Contact Or Contacts
·         Deleting A Contact
·         Importing Contact Information From Outside Of Outlook
·         Changing The View Of Contacts And Sorting
·         Using Find To Locate A Contact
·         Adding A Photograph To A Contact
·         Creating Editing A Contact Group
·         Sending An Email To A Contact Group
·         Organizing Your Contacts Into Sub Folders
·         Sending Contact Information Directly To Word Mail Merge
·         Exporting Contact Information From Outlook

9: Customize The Layout
·         Inbox And Other Folder Headings
·         The Navigation Pane
·         The To Do Bar
·         Managing The Reading Pane
·         The NEW People Pane
·         Viewing Emails With/Without Their Conversation Thread

10: Appointments
·         Explore The Outlook Calendar
·         Exploring The Different Appointment Types
·         Add An Appointment To The Calendar
·         Setting A Reminder For Appointments
·         Reminders Dismiss Or Snooze
·         Changing The Default Reminder Settings
·         Assigning And Managing Appointment Categories
·         Edit Delete Calendar Appointments
·         Copy Move Appointments
·         Add Recurring Appointments
·         Using Outlook To Help You Remember Birthdays And Anniversaries
·         Adding Attachments To Appointments
·         Schedule A Meeting With Others
·         Dealing With A Meeting Request Sent To You
·         Proposing An Alternative Meeting Time
·         Tracking Meeting Responses
·         Update Or Cancel A Meeting
·         Setting Your Working Hours And Working Week
·         Printing The Calendar
·         Email A Copy Of The Calendar
·         Adding Public Holidays To The Calendar
·         Publishing Your Calendar Online
·         Viewing A Published Calendar In Outlook
·         Changing Access Rights To The Published Calendar

11: Tasks
·         Create A New Task
·         Assign A Follow Up Flag
·         Edit Delete Restore A Task
·         Setting A Reminder Alarm For A Task
·         Categorizing Tasks
·         Available Task Views
·         Mark A Task As Complete Or Part Done
·         Delegating Tasks To Others
·         Receiving A Delegated Task
·         Updating The Owner With Progress

12: Notes
·         Create A Note
·         Edit/Delete A Note
·         Changing The Appearance Of Notes

13: Advanced Outlook Settings
·         Tracking An Emails Arrival Or Read Status
·         Using Stationery Themes For Emails
·         Archiving Old Emails
·         Managing The Quicksteps Shortcuts
·         The Outlook Journal

14: Rules
·         Creating A Message Rule
·         Editing An Email Rule
·         Create A Rule To Reply For You
·         Creating A Rule Response Template
·         Disable Or Delete A Rule

15: Text Messaging From Outlook
·         Setting Up A Text Messaging Account
·         Sending A Text Message From Outlook
·         Adding A Cellphone Number To A Contact

16: Using Outlook With An Exchange Server
·         Connecting To An Exchange Server Email Account
·         Automatic Out Of Office Replies
·         Using Public Folders
·         Giving Permission To Others To Access Your Account
·         Acting As A Delegate For Another Exchange User

Duration: 15 Hours | Cost: £20/Hr