Microsoft Excel Beginners/ Intermediate

Dated: 06-08-2020


You will start with the absolute basics, creating and saving a new workbook. The course proceeds step by step through the process of entering data in cells, doing basic math, formatting your worksheets, setting up pages for printing and applying basic mathematical formulas. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you will move on to more advance formatting with themes, using Excel provided templates, adding graphics and charts, and using Excel as a database.


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1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013.
·         Let's Get Started With Excel 2013
·         The Excel Workbook Explained
·         Signing Up For Your Own Free skydrive
·         Customize The Quick Access Toolbar
·         Using The Included Working Files

2. Managing excel workbooks and worksheets.

·         Creating And Saving A New Workbook
·         Opening Workbooks And Save As Options
·         Saving And Opening skydrive Files
·         Navigating An Excel Workbook
·         Adding And Removing Worksheets
·         Renaming Copying And Moving Worksheets

3. Entering and editing data in cells.

·         Entering Text, Numbers, And Dates
·         Entering Numbers As Text
·         Editing The Contents Of A Cell
·         Undo And Redo Actions
·         Cut, Copy, And Paste
·         Dragging And Dropping Cells
·         The Fill Handle
·         Inserting And Deleting Cells Columns And Rows
·         Changing Column Widths And Row Heights
·         Hiding And Un-Hiding Columns And Rows
·         Searching For Values In A Workbook

4. Math basics.

·         Getting Started With Basic Math Formulas
·         Order Of Operation With BODMAS
·         Introduction To Basic Formulas
·         Copying Formulas And Functions
·         Displaying Formulas On A Worksheet

5. Formatting worksheets.

·         Selecting Cells For Formatting
·         Modifying Typeface Font, Size, And Colour
·         Merging And Wrapping Cell Contents
·         Using Number Formats
·         Cell Content Alignment And Orientation
·         Adding And Removing Borders From A Selection
·         Applying A Date Format To A Cell Or Range
·         The Format Painter
·         Finding And Replacing Formats
·         Clearing Cell Contents Vs. Clearing Cell Formatting

6. Workbook and worksheet management.

·         Worksheet Navigation And Coloured Worksheet Tabs
·         Moving Or Copying Worksheets Within And Between Workbooks
·         Viewing And Scrolling Multiple Workbooks At The Same Time
·         Hiding And Un-Hiding Sheets
·         Modifying More Than One Worksheet At A Time

 7. Page setup and printing.

·         Using Print Titles And Print Areas
·         Paper Size, Orientation, Margins, And Scaling Options
·         Creating Headers and Footers
·         Using The Page Break And The Page Layout Views
·         Printing A Range Of Cells
·         Running The Spell Checker
·         Controlling Most Print Settings In One Place

8. Mathematical formulas.

·         The Sum Function
·         Copying Formulas And Functions
·         Other Mathematical Functions: Average, Min, And Max
·         Useful Count Functions
·         Absolute Referencing Explained
·         Formulas Across Worksheets
·         3D Referencing
·         Making Use Of Named Cells And Ranges

9. Advanced formatting.

·         Enhancing Worksheets Using Themes
·         Adding, Editing, And Deleting Comments
·         Creating Your Own Autofill List
·         Converting Data To A Table For Formatting

10. Security.

·         Activating And Deactivating Worksheet Protection
·         Protecting Part Of A Worksheet To Aid Data Entry
·         Password Protecting The Whole Workbook

11. Graphics objects.

·         Obtaining And Inserting Online Images
·         Using smartart Graphics
·         Inserting Shapes And Screenshots
·         Formatting Graphical Objects
·         The Stacking Order
·         Grouping Multiple Objects Together
·         Using Graphical Objects And Mathematical Formulas

12. Using charts in excel.

·         The New Recommended Charts Option
·         Create A Chart Using The Long Or The Short Method
·         Formatting A Chart With The 2013 Shortcut Options
·         Modifying The Chart Type
·         Formatting Chart Elements
·         Adding A Trendline.
·         The Pie Chart In Detail
·         Mini Graphs: Sparklines

13. Excel as a database.

·         Fixing On Screen Rows And Columns
·         Fixing Print Rows And Columns
·         Sorting Data In Excel
·         Filtering Data To Reduce Dataset Size
·         Removing Duplicate Entries In The Data
·         Adding Subtotals To A Worksheet Of Data
·         Using Text To Columns Effectively
·         Linking To Data On A Webpage

14. Advanced formulas.

·         Using An If Formula
·         Use Of The If Function To Hide Excel Error Messages
·         Datedif: A Useful But Hidden Formula
·         Text Manipulation Using Functions
·         Use The Text Function To Format Numbers
·         Date Manipulation Functions
·         Introducing Sumif, Countif, And Averageif
·         Use Of Rank To Calculate Placings
·         Flash Fill: The Magic Touch

15. Conditional formatting.

·         Altering Cell Appearance Based On The Cell Value
·         Displaying Data Bars, Colour Scales, Or Icon Sets
·         Using Top And Bottom Rules For Formatting
·         Creating A Formatting Rule From Scratch
·         Managing The Conditional Formatting Rules

Duration: 10 Hours | Cost: £20/Hr