Microsoft Project / Open Project

Dated: 06-08-2020


During the Learn Microsoft Project 2010/Open Project training course, your professional trainer guides you through project management topics such as task creation, resource management, cost tracking, using WBS codes, critical path reporting, and more. Ideal for those seeking Microsoft Project 2010/Open Project training or anyone looking to enhance their Project knowledge. Discover the building blocks of a project. Start with information gathering and documentation, and when you feel comfortable with that,


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1.       Getting Started with Microsoft Project
·         Explore the Microsoft Project 2007 Environment
·         Display an Existing Project Plan in Different View

2.       Creating a Project Plan
·         Create a New Project Plan
·         Assign a Project Calendar
·         Add Tasks to the Project Plan
·         Enter the Task Duration Estimates
·         Add Resources in the Project Plan

3.       Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
·         Outline Tasks
·         Add a Recurring Task
·         Link Dependent Tasks
·         Set a Constraint to a Task
·         Set a Task Deadline
·         Add Notes to a Task

4.       Managing Resources in a Project Plan
·         Create a Resource Calendar
·         Assign Resources to Tasks
·         Assign Additional Resources to a Task
·         Enter Costs for Resources
·         Enter Values for Budget Resources
·         Resolve Resource Conflicts

5.       Finalizing the Project Plan
·         Display the Critical Path
·         Shorten the Project Duration
·         Set a Baseline
·         Print a Project Summary Report

6.       Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
·         Import Project Information
·         Export Project Plan Data into Excel
·         Copy a Picture of the Project Plan Information

7.       Updating a Project Plan
·         Enter Task Progress
·         Enter Overtime Work
·         Split a Task
·         Reschedule a Task
·         Filter Tasks
·         Set an Interim Plan
·         Create a Custom Table
·         Create a Custom Report

8.       Managing Project Costs
·         Update Cost Rate Tables
·         Group Costs
·         Link Documents to a Project Plan

9.       Reporting Project Data Visually
·         Create a Visual Report
·         Customize a Visual Report
·         Create a Visual Report Template

10.   Reusing Project Plan Information
·         Create a Project Plan Template
·         Create a Custom View
·         Make Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans
·         Share Resources


Duration: 15 Hours | Cost: £20/Hr